Online Writing Tutoring for School Success


Are you struggling to write academic essays and papers?

Do you feel frustrated and stuck when you need to write a lot? 

And do you feel like your teachers or professors don’t realize how unique and intelligent you are? 

Are you worried you won’t get into the college of your choice?


I teach you how to master the writing skills you need to succeed in college or graduate school through online lessons.  So, you feel confident in your ability to write compelling essays, papers, and research projects. 

Do you want help getting into college?  I will guide you through the entire process of writing fantastic college essays that will impress college admissions committees! Also, I will help you create scholarship essays so that you can get free money for your education! 


How Does Online Writing Tutoring Work?

In lessons, we use a free video-conferencing software program called Zoom.  I coach you online as you do activities.  We also use amazing online tools and resources that improve your writing.  Plus, with Google Docs you can share your writing with me outside of lessons. Learning online is a fun, easy, and powerful way to achieve your writing goals.


See what it is like in my behind-the-scenes video, “How I Tutor Writing Online.”


Here’s what we do during a tutoring session



The most important part of learning how to write is doing it. We’ll do a lot of different writing activities. So, you’ll learn strategies and techniques that make your writing compelling.

Collaborate online

I guide you through the different phases of the writing process, so you can create, revise, edit, and transform a piece of writing.   So that you can craft essays and papers that will intrigue and persuade your readers, whether they are admissions counselor or professors

Develop other academic skills. 

If you want to be a great academic writer, you also need academic reading and research skills.  I help you become an expert in these areas so that you’ll be able to research and analyze any subject.



See how online tutoring can help you advance your academic writing skills. 

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