Personal and Professional Statement Tutoring for College and Graduate Admissions


Learn how to write essays that impress admission committees and scholarship sponsors!



Write inspiring admissions and scholarship essays!

Personal and Professional Statement Tutoring

Applying to college and graduate school is intimidating, and for many students, the scariest part is submitting a personal statement.  My mission is to take away that worry and make writing memorable admissions essays easy, fun, and exciting. Through online lessons, I help students find engaging topics and plan, organize, write, revise and edit their personal or professional statements so they create persuasive and unique essays. These are the essays that will make them stand out from the competition.




Tutoring Sessions

Personal statement tutoring sessions are ideal for students needing to write powerful college admissions essays and supplemental writing pieces. Graduate statement tutoring sessions are perfect if you are applying to a graduate school and need to write a professional statement, statement of purpose, or writing pieces for a graduate program.


In our tutoring sessions, I will


  • Guide you step-by-step through the writing process, from finding topics to perfecting your admissions essays
  • Help you research and analyze your specific college or graduate program so that you write essays that impress admission committees
  • Help with revising and editing your essay so that it is perfect before you apply to colleges or graduate schools
  • Teach you how to advance your writing skills and techniques so that your writing stands out from your competition


In addition, you’ll also get your own Google Classroom with writing and editing resources and tools, admissions essay examples, and lesson materials at the touch of your fingertips.


Total Price: $300 for 4 sessions or $375 for 5 sessions. 



Scholarship Essay Coaching


Do you worry about affording college or graduate school? Or worry that you will need to take out student loans and be in debt just because you wanted an education?  

You aren’t the only person who feels that way, which is why thousands of students are applying for multiple scholarships.  And scholarships are a great way to alleviate that stress, but to win money; you need to be able to put together a great application and write unforgettable essays.  I teach students to find the right scholarships to apply to and write essays that impress those scholarship committees. 



Scholarship Essay Workshop and Coaching Sessions

Over 5 weeks, I take you from researching your scholarship sponsor to find out what they are looking for to creating a polished, memorable scholarship essay.  Every week, I will release recorded video lessons with a writing assignment. Then we will meet one-on-one and complete the next step in the writing process, so I can walk through what to do next. 


Throughout 5 weeks you’ll:

  • Learn how to research and find the right scholarships to apply for so you stand the best chance of winning
  • Master different writing techniques and strategies to make your writing style and voice distinctive so that your essay hooks scholarship sponsors
  • Plan, organize and write an essay that suits the specific scholarship so that your essay isn’t generic.
  • Receive help revising and editing your writing, so your essay is ready to submit. 
  • Get your personalized classroom with 5 tutorial video lessons, materials, and resources to help you find scholarships, evaluate them, and write essays for scholarship applications.


Total Price: $397




Need help writing a personal statement, professional statement, or scholarship essay?