Academic Writing Coaching for College and

Graduate School Success 


Are you struggling to write academic essays and papers?

Do you feel frustrated and stuck when you need to write a lot?

And do you feel like your teachers or professors don’t realize how unique and intelligent you are?  


How Does Academic Writing Coaching Work?

Through online lessons, I teach you how to master the writing skills you need to succeed in college or graduate school. So, you feel confident in your ability to write compelling essays, papers, and research projects. 

In our session, we use a free video-conferencing software program called Zoom.  I coach you online as you do activities to develop different writing, reading, and research skills.  If you are working on a specific writing project, I help you brainstorm, write, revise, and edit your final draft.

Also, you can share your writing with me outside of lessons and get feedback on your drafts and APA or MLA citations so you can hand in your best work.



Here’s what we do during a tutoring session



The most important part of learning how to write is doing it. We’ll do a lot of different writing activities. So, you’ll learn strategies and techniques that make your writing compelling.


Collaborate online

I guide you through the different phases of the writing process, so you can create, revise, edit, and transform a piece of writing.   So that you can craft essays and papers that will intrigue and persuade your readers, whether they are admissions counselors or professors


Develop other academic skills. 

If you want to be a great academic writer, you also need academic reading and research skills.  I help you become an expert in these areas so that you’ll be able to research and analyze any subject.


Do you need help with your academic writing?

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Online Academic Writing Tutoring Testimonials

I first reached out to Suzanne for help writing my college essays. I was having trouble making sure that my essays were articulate while also being genuine and personable. But, Suzanne helped me find the perfect balance of academia and personality in my essays. And, she always worked with me until I was completely satisfied with the finished products.

Her tutoring style offered amazing guidance that didn’t compromise the integrity or sense of voice in my writing. Instead, she helped me recognize areas of improvement and showed me solutions and methods that I can apply to all of my writing assignments. Whether it be through pointing out words that I overused or teaching me how to avoid run-on sentences, her guidance greatly improved my writing style and technique. With her help, my writing became more concise, descriptive, and organized.

Overall, tutoring with Suzanne was a wonderful experience. She helped me secure admittance with scholarships for some of my top colleges and permanently changed my writing for the better. 

Keeley Mitcham

Graduating High School Senior

As an international student, I had never written an essay in English before I started to do lessons with Suzanne, and I did not how to write citations. 

We did free writings and worked on some writing projects.  If I had an assignment, Suzanne checked my writing and gave me advice too.  Through the lessons, I learned how to write citations and how to write a good essay.  She also taught me so useful online tools that I could use for my writing.  The lessons were flexible and Suzanne was able to help me with specific requests.  Even if you do not have experience writing in English,  Suzanne will help you. 

Alyssa Johnston

University Student

I started working with Suzanne because I needed help with my application to graduate school. She helped me brainstorm and ultimately write an amazing statement of purpose.

I love working with her because she is very encouraging, creative and has great resources that have helped me become a more confident writer. She is also very flexible and adaptable when it came to my schedule and was always ready a prepared for each session. 


Claudia Angel Restrepo

Graphic Designer --Applying to Graduate School

I have always been more of an idea person throughout high school, ask me anything and I could have probably talked about it for hours on end. The problem was that while I was a good speaker, my writing left much to be desired. This deficit caused me a lot of frustration when it came to doing longer written projects for school, like research papers and presentations, as the ideas and information I had evaporated as soon as I put pen to paper (or fingers to keys for our digital age). I was initially introduced to Suzanne via her blog, where I found her videos and blog posts very helpful as they provided concise and accurate tips to improve anything from academic to creative writing. 

Having Suzanne as a tutor not only helped to improve my writing skills, she helped me to discover a passion for it as well. She is a passionate teacher who listened and responded actively to my interests and used that information to formulate lessons that were specifically for me. This gave me enough structure in order to improve while being flexible enough to make for exploring other avenues of literature. In fact, while we were working on more academic skill sets like literary criticism of poetry, Suzanne encouraged me to try the art form for myself. If it wasn’t for that push, I would have always seen poetry as a distant and pretentious thing that made sense to no one but the author. This newfound look at poetry and creative writing inspired me to start my own blog to continue to explore creative writing as a hobby. 

Even outside of our tutoring sessions, Suzanne was always available for many of my questions, which I would send to her at various points throughout the week. Whether it was an assignment that I wanted her feedback on, the rough draft of my latest short story, or inquiring about writing opportunities, Suzanne never failed to answer my questions and provide me with even more resources. 

I know this sounds cheesy but Suzanne helped me to find my voice in the written word. As a student and as a person, this gift has been invaluable to my life. No longer do my ideas vaporize when faced with a blank page, I can write my research papers as if the words flowed out of my mouth. Poetry is no longer a mystifying art but a core aspect of my self-expression. This and so much more were thanks to Suzanne’s help and I am grateful for all of it.

Janice Indajang

Graduating High School Senior