Do you struggle with prewriting essays and academic papers?

Some prewriting techniques involve a lot of writing.  Freewriting and looping, outlining and listing are wonderful for people who find it easy to let words flow on a page.  But what if words don’t come easily to you?

Maybe it’s easier for you to learn and remember something when you see it in front of you.  Well, there are great visual brainstorming activities for writing.  And all of them will help you get started with an essay or academic paper.

In this video, I show you 3 visual brainstorming activities that are perfect for people who want to think deeply about their writing topics without doing a lot of writing.   Watch and see how mind mapping, doodling and creating writing topic Pinterest boards will jumpstart your academic writing.

3 Excellent Visual Brainstorming Activites for Writing

Writing Challenge:

Try some or all of these visual brainstorming activities with your writing (even if you’re not a visual learner).  Find what works for you, and comment below on your favorite activity.

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