When I struggle with writing, I think of Fyodor Dostoevsky.


I think of him waiting to be executed for his beliefs (he wasn’t).  I imagine him freezing in a Siberian Prison Camp.  He suffered, he endured, he didn’t quit, and he wrote amazing novels. Dostoevsky teaches me that you can write through hardships and tragedies.

Authors are like mentors to me.  I don’t know them, but I study and collect their words.  And there is a quote to teach you any aspect of writing.  Here are 25 inspirational author quotes that shape my ideas about writing.


25 Insightful and Inspirational Author Quotes


1. There is no subject so old that something new cannot be said about it.–Fyodor Dostoevsky



2. Good writers are those who keep the language efficient. That is to say, keep it accurate, keep it clear.– Ezra Pound



3.. There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.–Ernest Hemingway



4. The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.–Gustave Flaubert


The art of writing--Gustave Flaubert


5. Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself.–Robin S. Sharma



6. Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.–E. L. Doctorow



7. I don’t write for an auditorium full of people. I don’t write for the microphone; I write for the page.–Billy Collins



8.  I wrote my first novel because I wanted to read it.–Toni Morrison



9. The artist must possess the courageous soul that dares and defies.–Kate Chopin



10. A word is dead when it is said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.–Emily Dickinson



11. We write for the same reason that we walk, talk, climb mountains or swim the oceans – because we can. We have some impulse within us that makes us want to explain ourselves to other human beings. That’s why we paint, that’s why we dare to love someone – because we have the impulse to explain who we are.–Maya Angelou



12.  I’m just going to write because I cannot help it.–Charlotte Bronte



13. The writer has to force himself to work. He has to make his own hours and if he doesn’t go to his desk at all there is nobody to scold him.–Roald Dahl



14Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind is written large in his works. Virginia Woolf



15. I have to write because if I don’t get something down then after a while I feel it’s going to bang the side of my head off.–Terry Pratchett


Terry Pratchett quote


 16. Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.–Stephen King



17. Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.–T. S. Eliot



18. Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.– Isaac Asimov



 19.  Read. Read. Read. Read many genres. Read good writing. Read bad writing and figure out the difference. Learn the craft of writing.–Carol Berg



20.  Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar.–E. B. White



21. The most difficult and complicated part of the writing process is the beginning.–A. B. Yehoshua



22. Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.–E. L. Doctorow


Writing is an exploration-EL Doctorow



23.  Writing is like a ‘lust,’ or like ‘scratching when you itch.’ Writing comes as a result of a very strong impulse, and when it does come, I, for one, must get it out.–C. S. Lewis



24.  Learning to write is not a linear process.  There is no logical A-to-B -to- C way to become a good writer.  One neat truth about writing cannot answer it all.  There are many truths. To do writing practice means to deal ultimately with your whole life.–Natalie Goldberg



25. Creativity is always a leap of faith. You’re faced with a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage.–Julia Cameron


Which author’s words impress you?  Please comment below with your favorite inspirational author’s quote.